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The sky was crystal clear,like a huge blue jade,summer the sun like a ball of fire,hanging in the huge jade,looking cheap jordan 11 shoes at the sun position,estimated at 3 p.m. Appropriate third high school district. "Ding ding ding…" With loud bell resounded through the whole campus,suddenly ring out a noise throughout the campus,the school buildings in filed pour out a large number of students,groups of laughters goes to the school. "Mt brother mt brother!" A thick voice. "O peak, somebody called you." Among students,and students walked along with the youth of the book,wearing blue clothes,about a meter tall seventh,appear to be lean,At this time he called to turn a look of doubt,he is a boy,there are about one meter nine,long the kind, the arm is more thick. "Are you?" Mt.Doubt looking at people,oneself do not seem to know the present. This two people,a strong like a black bear.And 'mt brother and ordinary people. Theory of height. The two of them differ greatly. But the kind of boy,but a bit stiff,he looked carefully at his worship of mt brother,tunnel: "it looks like,talk yes,mt brother,is nice to talk." "Mt. Brother, I, I have something want to mt. Brother,please help," Big man in a way. "What is it?" Mt. A smile,said. "When I wrestling, punch strength, always feel is not right, don't know brother do you have time to give directions." This big boy, even said, "and then went in accordance with the teacher said to my strength, in principle one punch can be played on the strong strength of 50%. However, I punch strength, always can not reach so high." Big boy look forward to looking at mt. "Oh, so…" Mt. Pause slightly, nodded, "so, this week's Sunday afternoon, you want to see me and then went in." "Thank brother, brother." Thank you this big boy even. Mt. Smiled, and her classmates together to leave. Looked after the mt, big boy peep out of excitement, flung a hand clenched, his arm blue veins standing out on the bug out, excited with a growl: "success!" "Mt brother to promise so easily?" A boy in uniform jordan 11 shoes surprise way. "Rumors indeed, mt brother is very nice, who is also very good." Big boy grinned. "But…… not ah, we in the third high school, five thousand students, and then went for 'senior students' title, a total of just three. Three senior students, the other two' Zhang Haobai 'and' LiuTing 'are all very proud of, it is not a waste of time to give directions to us." School boy wonder. "mt brother temperament should be so good?" Nowadays, the whole world, all countries and regions, in almost every high school student, outside to accept cultural education, will also join and developing human potential. Appropriate district the third high school, grade three, a total of nearly five thousand high school students. And then went most, are the primary students! Only a handful of, is the 'intermediate students'. To get 'the senior students' qualifications, a total of just three people! "Listening to the sounds for the virtual, seeing is believing. Hum, see? Mt brother and two other's not the same." Pie mouth big boys, "the Zhang Haobai and LiuTing, family is rich. Since the childhood home and spent a lot of money to develop, can have so strong. As for mt brother, and they can be different!" School boys also nod: "I also heard, mt brother and the rest of us, family economic conditions, living or housing." "For mt brother, can go today this step, but is completely hard practicing. One punch one feet from practice on their own. Which be like Zhang Haobai two of them." Big boy clenched his fists, take a deep breath. "my goal is to mt. Brother, I must be in four years, before graduating from university, and then jordan shoes went through the inspection, and then went to get the title of 'the senior students'!"

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