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Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
Contact Information
Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
2131 Renfrew Street,
Vancouver, BC, V5M 4M5
Tel: 604-251-1225
Fax: 604-254-3764

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday  9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: Open to certain programs

General Description

A neighbour is much more than someone who simply lives nearby. A neighbour is someone with whom we share our neighbourhood: We walk the same sidewalks, we shop at the same stores, we chat as we pass by, and we celebrate, support and live together. This is the essence of a Neighbourhood House.

At Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House we strive to bring people together in a safe, inviting and stimulating environment where everyone is included and each can contribute. Our little house is a bustling place with many happenings. We help families feel confident about working while their children are nourished, protected and inspired in our kindercare, after-school care and daycare programs. We provide an exciting place for preteen kids to go after school, for high school kids new to Canada to buddy-up with more seasoned peers, and for youth to learn leadership skills by working with younger children. A new program supported by the City of Vancouver will provide skills for high school youth to deal with racism, bullying and intergenerational conflict while volunteering at Frog Hollow.

Families bring their babies and very young children everyday to play, learn, eat healthy food and get some practical ideas about positive parenting. New Canadian adults come to Frog Hollow to learn English, but end up with much more by making new friends, bringing their children to our preschools, celebrating at a community dinner, or picking out a pumpkin at our annual Pumpkin Patch. Young adults out of work, maybe living on the street, find hope through advice and a chance to earn an honest buck at our Youth Spot Employment Centre. Every morning seniors come to practice Tai Chi and three long-time self-run seniors groups meet every week to socialize and support one another.

Building community locally has been our mission from the start and over the past year we have expanded our focus to include “online community building”. Utilizing new technology, Frog Hollow is facilitating the development of communities over the Internet. In collaboration with Health Canada and the Success by 6 initiatives, we are connecting people from across the entire province, “virtual neighbours” who work to support families with young children. Parallel to this initiative we will provide opportunities for local youth to learn to use a variety of new media, including the Internet and video production, to help them express their unique view of the world.

We look forward to new dreams and a vision of neighbours coming together, discovering their community through Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House.
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